Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raw Cashew Cheese with Oil Cured Olives and Fresh Tarragon

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Raw cashews are the perfect base for vegan cheeses and creams. They have lots of fat (flavor) but feature no dominant taste, so they are perfect for soaking and blending with other spices and ingredients. This recipe has been adapted from Chad Sarno's Cashew Cheese recipe, featured in VegNews. I've added some oil cured olives here for some saltiness and texture and layered it here with fresh chopped tarragon, which adds a clean and herby licorice note. 

To serve: Take a round ring mold and place it on a plate. (I use a 1.75 X 3 inch mold.) Using a spoon, place a 1-inch layer of cheese on the bottom of the mold and press gently but firmly. Add a layer of the chopped tarragon and then spoon another layer of cheese over that. Add a layer of chopped olives and then a final layer of cheese. To serve, simply lift the ring up.

This also travels well if you'd like to bring along to a potluck or party. Just lay some saran wrap under the ring mold with plenty of overhang and assemble as described in the paragraph above. Once completed, gather the edges at the top and tie off tightly with a twist tie. It holds everything together perfectly until ready to serve.


  1. holy heck. this is a masterpiece.

  2. This is the second recipe I've seen for cashew cheese recently, I'm definitely going to have to try it. I do miss cheese sometimes !!


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