Friday, February 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Green Elephant, Portland, Maine

Last weekend, we took a trip up to Portland, Maine, for a mini-getaway. Located about two hours north of Boston, Portland is filled with artsy shops, amazing used book stores and cozy restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants to go to is Green Elephant Bistro, which offers a menu that is exclusively vegetarian/vegan, featuring a variety of vegetables, noodles and mock meats delivered with an Asian-style look and feel. Read More


  1. *ahem* No one came to pick me!

  2. *slaps forehead* A good reason to visit Portland again very soon! ; )

  3. The Green Elephant is a delicious, wonderful place, but it is a bit weird!! Even as a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat substitutes, the ones at TGE are so good and similar-tasting/texture, it's scary!! It's a great upscale spot for us vegetarians. Last time, my BFF and I were there we swapped stories over dinner and a chilled bottle of wine and experienced delicious food and excellent service. Highly recommend if you're in the area!


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