Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kiwiberry, Kumquat and Pomegranate Kanten

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Since I began blogging, ideas for recipes, plating and combining ingredients hit me at odd times, like during the morning commute to work, at 2 a.m. or while I'm having a conversation with someone else that has nothing to do with food. The last idea I had was this: use my silicone cube tray to make "ice cubes" with tiny slivers of fruit suspended in a gelled solution of agar. The goal was to then lay these perfect cubes out in a row on a narrow serving tray to be photographed. As I got to work making the cubes, everything seemed to go according to plan, but when I released the finished gelled cubes from the tray, they slithered out in one big blob. After a little googling, I found out that the high acidity level in the fruit I used for this interferes with agar's ability to gel properly. After a few brief moments of frustration, I carefully scooped some of the kanten into a martini glass and discovered that it was still really pretty to look at—and also tasted fantastic.

4 cups water
4 tsp agar powder
4 TB sugar
the juice of one lime

10-12 sliced kumquats
10-12 sliced kiwiberries
1/2-1 cup pomegranate seeds


Bring the water and agar to a small boil in a small saucepan. Reduce the heat slightly and whisk in the sugar and lime juice until dissolved, about 7 minutes. Pour the agar solution into a rectangular pyrex and throw in the sliced fruit. Place in the refrigerator for about an hour to slightly set.


  1. it is very pretty! i love that even though it didn't go according to plan, it still tasted fantastic!

  2. Beautiful! Sometimes things just don't come out as envisioned (I've had that happen to me on numerous occasions) but so glad you pulled off the plating. And it does look delicious! :-)

  3. I'm impressed you were able to save it, I would have gotten frustrated and thrown it out, lol. You did a lovely job.
    Plating is definitely not my forte but your blog is full of wonderful inspiration.


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