Sunday, April 1, 2012

Product Review: Vegan Calamari from Sophie's Kitchen

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Last month, Sophie's Kitchen asked me to do a product review of one of their seafood products, which are all konjac-based, vegan and soy free. I was happy to do a review, as I've tried several of their products already and love them for their originality, simplicity and eco-friendliness. Konjac root is a dense and chewy land-based product which is used commonly throughout Asia, and closely mimics calamari's texture, which makes it an excellent substitution for seafood like squid, shrimp and scallops. Here I've reviewed Sophie's Kitchen breaded calamari, and these are my thoughts:

Cost: An 8.8 ounce box of vegan calamari, which can be found in most Whole Foods freezer sections, runs about five dollars, and makes about three good-sized portions.

I have baked and deep fried the calamari. Baking results in a chewier texture of the root itself, but the outside doesn't crisp up very well. I highly suggest deep-frying, which puffs up and perfectly crisps the outside, while leaving the calamari succulent and chewy inside.

Konjac root, on its own, has almost no calories and is very high in fiber. The breading adds a little added fat and sodium, if you are into tracking that kind of thing.

Allergens: All Sophie's Kitchen products are vegan, soy-free, and non GMO. Their non-breaded products are completely gluten free and low in calories.

Interested in learning more? Go to, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I really love Sophie's Kitchen's philosophy, dedication to sustainability and innovation. Their products are reasonably priced, generally easy to find and, most of all, taste terrific.


  1. fried calamari used to be my favorite back in the day. these rings look pretty darn delicious. i love that they are made of konjac rather than tofu/seitan/etc. i will definitely have to give their gluten-free products a try!

  2. Where did you find these at? I've been looking for Sophie's Kitchen products for ages, can't find them anywhere!

  3. Elivya: they are at most Whole Foods freezer sections. You can also buy them online at


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