Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raw Collard Greens Sushi Rolls

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The other night, I was making some raw collard greens wraps for an appetizer before dinner, and decided to cut them like sushi before serving them. As my husband passed through the kitchen, he said the light was just right for a photo, and started snapping away and produced some really pretty photos of them. The combo of mint and cilantro inside of these tastes so clean and fresh, and eating these made me feel so healthy. Put whatever you want inside, use a sharp knife and dry everything off really well before assembling this and you'll have an impressive-looking appetizer that is easy to put together in minutes.

a few collard greens leaves (washed, deveined and dried really well)
Tofutti cream cheese or something similar-textured, like almond pate
fresh cilantro sprigs
Fresh mint, separated from the stems
carrots, thinly sliced
bell peppers, thinly sliced

Lay one half of a deveined collard green on a cutting board. Smear some of the Tofutti on the matte side, then lay some of the vegetables on the end closest to you. Then, tightly roll it away from you. Add a little bit of tofutti at the end to seal the sushi together if needed. Cut with a really sharp knife and serve immediately.


  1. these DO look lovely and healthy! i will make these with my left over beet root leaves tonight!

  2. Thanks Caitlin! Beet root leaves would work/look lovely with this!

  3. The greens are so refreshing...This could have been really great for our Earth Day commemoration with the kids. I bet nobody will frown over the veggies...not when all the kids are around. =) Love to try this!

  4. all your food looks gorgeous! these rolls.. the colors!:)

  5. so unique! ;) Do you think you'd be interested in submitted your photos to my food gallery site: it's fast growing and features many beautiful photos of healthy, fresh, whole food dishes such as yours.

  6. Just made this with hummus instead of tofutti. Delicious!


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