Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soft Pretzel Bites

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The other day, I spotted a bag of Combos while I was in a gas station. Combos! I used to love these, and am kind of irritated that they have to use cheese in every single flavor (and while googling, I found out there are some particularly bizarre flavors that not only feature dairy, but also this strange abomination.)

So I decided I'd try to whip up a batch of my own homemade combos, and used Alton Brown's Homemade Hard Pretzels recipe as the base, leaving out the egg wash portion. However, this dough was super-soft and basically impossible to cut and mold into a combo shape with a hollow center, so I decided to bake them according to the instructions in his Homemade Soft Pretzels recipe, even though the ratios were not correct. Although they didn't resemble anything near what I originally intended them to be, they were soft and delicious, and tasted amazing straight out of the oven with mustard and horseradish (I brushed the tops with raw agave instead of an egg wash, which gave it a nice and subtle sweetness).

I'm going to try to make vegan combos again, as I did create a vegan cheese filling that tasted very similar to the real thing. Until then, if I need a junk food fix, I'll just grab a bag of vegan Doritos


  1. I used to love combos too! It is silly that they use cheese!

  2. not what you wanted but they still sound amazing! and turducken combos?? NASTY!

  3. I don't know what Combos are but I love soft pretzels!

  4. a few things:
    dw loves combos but does not buy it, unless we're roadtripping, in which case junk food is on the menu.
    i can't wait for your vegan version so i can try to make it for him.
    there's a vegan dorritos?! i am so excited because i miss miss miss miss eating that junk so bad!

    1. I used to pick these up for roadtrips too -- the *big* bags -- and would consume them all pretty quickly. Hopefully next time I'll get it right!

      Oh, yes -- there are vegan Doritos and they are fabulous and addictive!

  5. you know, i never liked combos. and after i saw that disgusting combo they created, i'm glad i never bought their product. but what you've created looks absolutely delicious. i was always a hard-core soft pretzel fan. i could eat 5 in one sitting(and would on occasion). and when you make your combos with your cheese, i'm sure i'd love those a million times better than combos ;)

  6. Um. Yum......Yes, way better than Combo's or Vegan Doritos!!!!!!

    These look yummy!!!!!

  7. Our co-op sells peanut butter stuffed pretzel bites. I used to love them so much, my favorite is shaking them and hearing the pb rattle around inside.


  8. Ooooh, these look fantastic! Can you go wrong with pretzels? I think not. Also, have you tried the Vegenaise Horseradish spread? IT'S SO GOOD! Of all of the new flavors I was looking forward to that one most. :D

    1. Veganaise makes a horseradish spread? I have never seen it before -- will look closer for it during my next whole foods trip! thanks Jackie!

  9. I'm embarrassed to admit that I used to LOVE combos, too! (The cheddar ones were my fav, by the way.)

    Your version looks like they would win - hands down - in a Combo-Off any day :)

  10. I have no idea what Combos are but I’m sure these are waaaaaay better, even though they didn’t go as planned. I love these crunchy little pretzel bites filled with peanut butter they sell at the natural food store, but then, I love anything that’s filled with peanut butter.

  11. this is going to sound crazy, but i've discovered a vegan pairing that tastes EXACTLY like combos.

    peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets (tj's brand or costco, whatever you can find..)
    sabra hummus (whichever, but i like original or red pepper for this)
    vegan combos.

    ive had tons of ppl try it, including non-vegans, and it blows their mind. try it!


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