Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

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I do not think that there is an actual word invented yet that accurately describes the little jolt of happiness I experience when entering a completely vegan establishment. You see, I am used to going to non-vegan places where the food options are extremely limited, and most of the time lame at best. So when I can go to a place where I can choose anything I want from a menu or pluck anything I want from a shelf—and know that it's all vegan—it's kind of like coming home to a place that knows who I am. 

Vegan Cuts is one of those places. Everything on their site features vegan products from food to body care, to handbags and clothing, and everything in between. I love that Vegan Cuts is actively and effectively helping start-ups, small businesses, and family-owned companies get their name and brand out into the vegan community and beyond

Because the product options are seemingly limitless, there is a little thrill here for vegans, who can browse and purchase completely vegan items that are not only ethically responsible, but also created by innovative and compassionate companies. 

I got that little thrill when I received a Vegan Cuts Snack Box from the company last week to review on this blog. This item, available through their site, contains 8-10 samples of new vegan items every month. 
While it is called a snack box, not everything here is a snack. My box contained the items listed below. Click on each one to read more about the product, pricing, company mission and more. 

The verdict: This was a great little package to receive, and I would definitely order another one for myself or as a gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend. Order one today or visit Vegan Cuts to view more amazing and completely vegan products.


  1. Looks like a lot of great products! We just ordered one of the Simply Straws a few months ago and really like it.

  2. I got a snack box from a friend recently! It was more fun than opening Christmas presents! Fun stuff!!!

  3. I've been wanting to try this service for a of these days, HOPEFULLY! :)

  4. I got mine last week and I was quite happy with what I got. Did you sample anything?

    The Berry + is fine. It washes well, but leaves not scent.

    The surf sweets are delicious too, but I knew about them already. As for the gum, I was happy I got the chance to sample it, as I don't usually chew gum. I guess it's fine. And the pico de gallo chips are out of this world. I haven't tried the rest, but I was disappointed my cuppow doesn't fit into any of my jars.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about trying this service too but wasn't sure if the price was worth it. I love and purchase other vegan goodies- now I know I'm not the only one that jumps for joy when going to the website.

  6. I also received Vegan Cuts Snack Box and loved it!


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