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Although there is an almost endless list of vegan items to stock in your pantry, these items are essential for the creation of dishes on this blog:

Agar powder/flakes (for gelling liquids)

Almonds, raw (great for making homemade vegan milk)

Apple cider vinegar (need buttermilk? A drop of ACV will curdle any vegan milk ... perfect for pancakes.)

Calcium Chloride (for spherification)

Canola oil (great for baking—it has no flavor)

Cashews, raw (perfect for raw cheese bases)

Chickpeas, canned and dried (for making hummus and falafel)

Chickpea flour (great for making french toast or faux-eggy omelets)

Coconut milk, canned (make cheese, creamy soup, etc.)

Coconut vinegar (for making vegan cheese)

Ener-G (egg replacer)

Lecithin, vegan liquid or granules
(great thickener with lots of health benefits)

(sweet rice wine—perfect for marinade bases)

Nori sheets (great for making fish sauce)

Nutritional yeast (aka "nooch") (great parmesan cheese substitute and B12 supplement—just don't subject it to high heat, or it will destroy its beneficial properties)

Sesame oil, toasted (perfect for marinades and sauces)

Sesame seeds (perfect for sprinkling over cooked greens)

Shiitake caps, dried
(found in most Asian grocers, they are super cheap and a little goes a long way.)

Sriracha sauce (for marinades or dipping—also tastes great mixed with Vegenaise)

Sodium Alginate
(for spherification)

The Vegg (great for vegan creme brulee)

Vital wheat gluten (for seitan making)

Xantham gum
(a thickener)


  1. Loving your blog! I was wondering where you found the chick pea flour. I've been looking with no luck. What about the agar flakes, and xantham gum?

  2. Thanks! Chickpea flour can be found in almost any supermarket or, if you live near an Indian market, it will definitely be there. It's also sold under the name besan, garbanzo or gram flour. The most common brand that sells it (at least in the Northeast) is Bob's Red Mill, which also sells xantham gum.

    Agar can be purchased in any asian market -- I recommend the powder over the flakes, which tend to not dissolve well in some applications.

    If you still can't find these, then just go to and purchase them online. I buy lots of my bulk items there when I don't feel like going on a scavenger hunt for ingredients!

  3. I love your site! I've been making many of your recipes. Every one is amazing. Just wanted to thank you for being here....

    Ventura, CA

    1. Thanks for your very kind words, Leann -- so happy you like the site and that it has been useful to you!

  4. I've noticed nooch can be good or bad depending on what kind it is... Is there a brand that is your go-to nooch? I'm still looking for one that doesn't make me have yuck face (though there are a couple that are better than the bulk bin, but I'm not loving it yet).

    1. I've only ever bought large-flake nutritional yeast from the bulk bin, so I'm not really familiar with any specific brands out there, sorry!


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